Monday, February 17, 2014

Grocery Shopping

This is not one of our local stores.
I was reading a fellow Bubbler's post the other day about some tasty manager markdowns at his local grocer the other day wishing I could find bargains equally good. I ended up being taken to the grocery on Tuesday by my friend and found some lovely items, even though I hadn't planned to go shopping there. There was a manager's markdown on chicken thighs, though I don't normally buy them, but these were priced well under $1/lb, so into my cart they went. And, a nice package of pork chops on sale plus some sweet Italian sausage to make some pasta sauce with.

Now I get to decide what to make with one of them. And, thanks to reading 
yet another Bubbler's post, I came up with one idea for the pork chops. I will be making pork chops with country gravy, stuffing and green beans. The rest of the chops and the chicken will be frozen.

I also stocked up on more canned goods since our grocery decided to add a week to their semi-annual "Can Can" sale. Great markdowns on canned goods! Including 9Lives cat food. I don't think the cats will run out of food any time soon!!

Photo credit - Some rights reserved by taberandrew ( Wish my chicken thighs had been this cheap!!

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