Sunday, September 9, 2012

A New Day

The title of today's post has multiple implications. It could refer to the literal fact that today is a new day, different from yesterday. It could also refer to the concept of today being a new opportunity or even the beginning of a new era following major change. I'm thinking of it as a blend of all three of those ideas.

It is Sunday and that makes it another day on the calendar, new to you, new to me. But, it is also the beginning of a new era since my daughter started her new job this past week. She is learning new things that she's excited to learn that will benefit her in any future jobs she might hold. In addition to accounts payable and receivable she's also being trained in shipping logistics. She works for a fresh fruits and vegetables distributor and really likes the people and the job, even though for now, it's part-time.

She's supposed to go full-time in three months at which time she'll be eligible for full-paid medical and dental benefits. Since we've both been without any medical for years, she's looking forward to that. She's also going to see if I can be on her insurance since I have been her dependent these past couple of years. I don't believe that can happen, but who knows.

The peppers Deb brought home.
Anyway, another benefit of her job is that any excess or undistributed produce is shared with their employees. The other day she came home with a bag full of bell peppers. She gets to bring home fresh produce when they have excess or need to make room for new shipments. I'm looking forward to eggplant (aubergines) and tomatoes at some point.

She's learning accounts payable and receivable as well as logistics. They told her she'd go full-time in three months and then her full-paid benefits would begin.

Meanwhile, I have a phone interview tomorrow morning with Campbell's soup. If they like me, I may be working within a week. It's a contract position that's supposed to last a year. 

It's interesting that both my daughter's job and this potential job for me are food related. Can't be any more perfect for a life-long foodie like me!

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