Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Belated update, but I GOT A JOB!!!!!

It's true! I finally got a job!! And, it's as though providence has shined upon us - you see, my daughter ALSO got a job two weeks before I did! AND, here's the weird thing - BOTH jobs are in the food industry!!! And, we're both doing the same kind of work for two entirely different employers. It's pretty amazing to me how this all came to be. 

First, my daughter got tired of sending out resumes without getting even one response, so she posted her resume on Craigslist. She got one call, interviewed, was hired (without being given a start date) and then called again by the same person and asked to come in for an interview because he hadn't hired anyone yet. o_O?? She knew then she was done with that one. But, she had also scheduled an interview with a fresh produce distributor who had contacted her in the meantime about a part-time job that she thought would be good because she'd learn some new skills that would make her even more marketable in the future. 

She got along really well with the woman and felt really comfortable with her, even though she was told that the job would be pretty much minimum wage. She felt the benefits (full paid!) made it all worth it. So, she did the interview and got along fantastically with everyone she met. She was told that they had one more interview a week later, so she would be called after that if they wanted her. They called her before that interview was out the door! Her coworker said that the woman, her new boss, was so impressed by her that she wanted to hire her on the spot, but couldn't because she'd already scheduled the final interview. 

She's doing accounts receivable, credit approvals and adjustments, logistics (scheduling deliveries and pickups) and a variety of other jobs. She was recently told that they planned to open some more locations across the country and she may be flown to those locations to assist in setting them up. She said to me, "Mom, I actually have a 'big girl' job! I'm being treated like an adult and I love it!"

She also learned that her hourly wage went from minimum wage to $11/hr when she got her first pay check. Not bad getting a raise before you get your first pay!!

Although I joined her in posting my resume on Craigslist, all I got out of it was scams. Meanwhile, I continued to send out my resume anywhere I could whose job description fit what I knew. One of them described the job being a data entry clerk in the next town over. The pay was acceptable and I had all the skills (although I am not quite an "expert" in Excel, I did take a course earlier in the year, so I'm better than I used to be), so I submitted my resume. I was surprised to get a call asking me to call back for a phone interview from a company I'd never heard of. They are an agency, like a temp firm, and they had a contract position nearby who needed someone who could start as soon as possible. I affirmed that I could if they chose me and they then set up my phone interview with the client - a well-known producer of canned soups and other foods under a variety of names!!!

The following week, I received the call from the client and was interviewed by two women who more explained the job to me than asked questions; but, as they described it to me, I was able to relate the duties to jobs I had done previously, which they seemed to like. When the interview was done, I just waited to see what would happen. Within two hours, I was called by the agency and told I had the job!!! I loved it!! I didn't have to do a face to face interview, I didn't have to worry about whether or not my looks or weight would turn them off, I was hired solely on the skills I had and how I had handled the interview. Fantastic!!

So, I  now have a week and a half under my belt and I love the office and the people. I wish I could say I love the job, but I really haven't been able to do it yet. You see, their IT department hasn't furnished my desk with a computer or a phone. Actually, two computers. One SAP and one laptop, both operated by the same mouse and keyboard. Very NCIS!! Can't wait until I actually can be trained on the system and begin to do what I've been hired to do. I'll be working with samples (receiving and placing orders for samples of new products for customers, sales people and trade shows) as well as working with deductions (something I haven't been shown yet, but I suspect it's related to when the customer short pays their invoice and the adjustments have to be approved and entered in the accounting). 

Everyone in the office has sample products sitting on their desks and I've heard people talking about trying this or that product, so I'm thinking we get to add our two cents to the product line. But, I don't know for sure, so there's just that much more to learn about. My contract is initially for a year, but could go longer or could become permanent depending on the needs of the client. AND, it offers medical, dental, sick and vacation. WOW!!!

In the meantime, my daughter gets to bring fresh produce home for us to use and, if I get to try out samples, that will help our grocery budget tremendously. How much better can it be for a family of foodies???

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