Wednesday, October 17, 2012

REVIEW: Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser

I want to tell you about a product I recently tried. They were provided to me, as a BzzAgent, in exchange for checking them out and sharing the information with others as well as sharing discount coupons for the products.

The fragrance I chose was Pineapple Mangosteen because I tend to have sensitivity to other so-called "natural" fragrances or flowery scents. I like the fruited scents because they are more pleasant and less troublesome to my sinuses and eyes.

I love the Fragrance Mist - it is really unique in that you just squeeze it. It has no trigger or button to push. And, it is refillable. You just remove the insert and replace it with the fragrance of your choice. Best of all, the mist is super fine and expands to fill a large area very quickly. We've used it both downstairs where the cats' box is and upstairs in our bathroom. 

I also love the fragrance. It is PERFECT. Light, fruity, very realistic rather than chemical smelling. It isn't overpowering, yet it quickly fills the area with fragrance. I can't imagine going back to the other canned sprays I used previously. They do have nice fragrances, but it takes more of them to cover the same area and you can feel them in your lungs when you inhale too much of them.

As for the Oil Diffuser - I didn't know quite what to expect. I have used very pricey diffusers in the past, but the fragrances were hardly noticeable. But, I took this one to my new job and have it in my cubicle. Someone walking past said, "Do I smell piƱa coladas?" It's such a wonderful smell, although a tad heady in such a closed-in area. I have noticed some eye discomfort if I have it too close to where I'm sitting, so I keep it behind me as you step inside my cubicle. It's so nice to have a grand smelling environment to work in.

I especially like how the oil base is replaceable and the holder is so decorative. It can fit in any decor, but I especially like the artistic design. So much more affordable than those you buy through that home candle party program and much more efficient!

As for the coupons, I gave some to my landlady who just LOVES to have fragrances in her kitchen and the rest I shared with people at work. I am very happy with both items and plan to replace the ones I have when they are empty. 

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