Monday, June 24, 2013

Starbucks Coffee at Home

Shop in Washington DC
Image from Wikimedia Commons
I am sitting here enjoying another cup of the Starbucks brand coffee I bought recently. I never buy coffee by the bag in places like that because it's just so darned expensive. I do realize that they promote Fair Trade, so more of the money used to buy that coffee will go to the grower than with most coffee brands, and I can appreciate that. But, I also have a tight budget. But, I was recently at a Starbucks and was enjoying my iced coffee (one of the few regular pleasures I'll indulge in) when I saw this new flavor on display. 3 Region Blend. I asked the barista if they had any made that I could sample. He actually made me a sample of this and, despite my not really liking unsweetened black coffee, I really liked the sample. It was smooth and mild without bitterness and without tasting "weak". I was sold! I actually bought a pound bag and had it ground for my percolator. I paid $12.95 for that pound of coffee. That's about double what I normally pay. But, I have enjoyed each and every cup and have now made my second pot of it. Maybe they'll start selling this flavor in stores where the markup is less. I might consider buying it again. I'm the only one here to drinks the coffee I make, so it will last me a while. At this point, I'm definitely NOT looking forward to opening the container of Maxwell House I have in the pantry! LOL

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