Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, at long last! What a week!!

I'm sorry about yesterday's blog. It was quite the day and an outlet was needed. It definitely wasn't food related, either. This one may not be either.

This will be somewhat short because I will be leaving soon to drive to Bucks County with my friend and his brother (that same brother of car sale fame) because the insane one is having laser surgery done on his eyes this afternoon and needs someone to drive. His brother, my friend, hates driving in general, so I've been elected to join them (and will more than likely become the designated driver as always). I was told that we would go to lunch while "brother dearest" is in surgery. (Hey! There IS food involved! Nice.)

In the meantime, I have to hurry upstairs and get dressed appropriately to go, let my fat cat out of the confines of my bedroom where she's been since going in there to eat and potty, pull the plug on the coffee pot, get my shoes on and be ready. So, I will add to this particular entry later today and add any tasty tidbits, if there are any, when I get home again.

Oh, I do need to mention that the car that was finally signed sealed and delivered yesterday needs a brake job. One of the hazards of buying used from an individual, but still better than replacing an engine and exhaust system. I was calling around for quotes which ranged from $90 for the front brakes to $215.89!!! Holy moly!! No excuse for that kind of price difference that I can see. Obviously, the $90 is the big winner!! LOL

Until later!


Home again. 4:00 PM. Joe's laser surgery went well and Tom and I went to lunch rather than sit in the waiting room for an hour and a half with nothing but a group of Mennonite women and gossip magazines. We found a little diner up the street and stopped there. He had a lamb gyro and chicken noodle soup (and fries) and I had a Patty Melt on seedless rye, fries, macaroni and cheese with stewed tomatoes (a regional favorite), fries and a diet Coke. I ate all of the mac, half of the sandwich, half of the fries, a spoonful of the tomatoes and a nice plate from the salad bar (which came with mine because it was a lunch special - nice surprise). I brought my uneaten (and untouched) half home. If my son doesn't eat it for his supper, then I'll have it for tomorrow.

I also drove, for the first time ever, the re-introduction model of the Dodge Challenger. OMG - I DO NOT LIKE THIS CAR!!! There are so many blind spots, it's ridiculous! Mirrors are great things, but the reason we're supposed to look over our shoulders is because of those blind spots. Well, this car has no window there! And, then where the door window goes back to allow a minuscule amount of viewing capacity, the passenger head rest completely blocks it out. The power steering is great, but the wheel is so sensitive that the least little turn made the car swerve. It was a two-door which made it a pain in the ass for Tom to get into the back seat. And, then he was cramped since he's 5'11". Plenty of room up front, but forget the back unless you're petite or a child. It feels like a cockpit in the driver's seat. The only things I liked were that the driver's seat was adjustable, forward and back as well as up and down. That meant I could sit up higher to be able to see over the steering wheel and hood; the adjustable steering wheel that could be raised or lowered to meet individual needs; and the sound system. Oh, it did accelerate nicely, but I did not like the shifter at all with its zig-zag design to get from Park to Drive. Not at all. I can only guess they did that to keep others in the car from accidentally knocking it out of or into gear. But, I didn't like it. Rides nice, good support, almost glides; but there was more I didn't like than what I did. That's Joe's new car. He said, I didn't know it was going to have such low mileage. I said, really? You didn't look at the sticker in the window before you bought it? He said, yes, but I didn't believe it. I thought it would be higher than that. OMG - this man, someone with a MASTER'S DEGREE, thought they were UNDERstating the mileage on the window sticker!!! If anything, it's an overstatement since their tests are done in ideal conditions and we mere humans don't live in ideal conditions. I don't even have an associates and I know that!!!

That, though, was the rest of my day. And, finally a food entry to share (although it wasn't home cooking. Sorry.) I am glad, glad, glad to be home!

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