Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fried Rice, Avon and other things.

It's still Wednesday and I had to start Thursday's post because I am so happy with something I made for supper, I HAVE to write about it while it's on my mind.

I had made pork chops a couple days ago and made rice to go with it using the pan drippings with mushroom soup mix, chicken gravy mix, milk and water. The rice was OK, but not exciting. I ate some today with yesterday's leftover baked beans, but still had a quart of it left (I made a lot). So, I decided to try my hand at fried rice.

I put oil in the cast iron pan and tossed in some cut up lunchmeat (ham and roast beef) to frizzle along with a green onion I also cut up. I had already scrambled some eggs, so poured them in when the meats were frizzled and the onion was soft. I stirred them with a wooden spoon until they were thoroughly cooked. I quickly broke them up into smaller pieces, turned down the fire and added all the rice to the pan. I made sure the rice was stirred and most lumps broken down so that I could keep the eggs from browning in the pan. After I knew the rice was heated throughout, I then added two packets of soy sauce (approximately 2 Tablespoons) and sprinkled some garlic salt (Adobo seasoning) over the top, stirring one last time to be sure all seasonings were mixed in. What I got was the BEST fried rice I've ever made!

I've thrown fried rice together before without really paying attention to what I was doing, usually pouring the scrambled eggs over the top of the heated rice (usually leftover rice from one dinner or another) and made more of an egg/rice omelet than true fried rice. THIS was the real deal!!

This one's a keeper. I definitely plan to make it again!!

I'm expecting my friend, Melissa, to come in the morning. I'm buying some Avon books from her because I didn't turn in an order this last week. I had no orders and didn't want to add to my balance with Avon, so I asked if I could buy some books from her. That'll get me caught up for this campaign. I'll also get to see her again. I haven't in a while. I hope Tom comes over as well because the three of us used to work together (can't believe it's already been over ten years since I worked there!) That'd be a nice mini-reunion.


  1. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.

    Go to and pick up your award.


  2. WOW! Thank you! Such a nice surprise to find waiting for me!