Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday - Sunny Start, Cloudy Finish

Well, the day's almost over and it started out sunny. It is now cloudy and getting darker. I've heard rain is in the forecast, but haven't checked today's yet. Now that I have, it does appear that we were supposed to start getting clouds today with rain starting tomorrow and increasing in likelihood through Saturday. That's fine with me. I like rain. I like snow, too, but I'm less likely to go out in it since falling has become something I'm truly afraid to do in recent years. A fall three years ago that broke my left ankle probably gave rise to that fear where before it was fear of humiliation. But, rain - I've always liked rain. There is something calming, soothing about it.

Singin' In The Rain

Now, yesterday's blog ended with my telling you about the one pot meal I made. I used a hamburger stew recipe, but added pasta. I told my daughter it was goulash and she decided it was worthy of her attention. ::sigh:: The girl grew up on my cooking, yet she rarely eats what I make these days. But, she did take a container of it to work for her lunch, so here's hoping. I'm not a bad cook unless I'm just not caring one way or another about what I'm making. Then, it's a crap shoot (as in, "shoot - this stuff is crap!!")

Yesterday morning, I made bacon and eggs. I'm not usually up early enough to do that for anyone but me, but I made bacon and fried eggs for my son and scrambled eggs for me. Extra bacon for my daughter. No smoke alarms went off (a first), but the kitchen was filled with smoke from the overheated bacon grease because I was in a hurry trying to get done before Paul's ride came. The bacon was extra crispy, but not burnt (to me, anyway) and I was able to drop the two eggs into the hot fat and fry them the way my son liked them...nice and blistery at the edges, the whites fully cooked and the yolks runny. For me, I drained the grease and poured in my pre-scrambled eggs, added cheese and then plated my impromptu omelet with my bacon.

Quick & Easy Eggs, Bacon & Breakfast Sausage

While Paul had toast to eat with his salsa-drenched eggs and bacon, I decided to heat up a couple tortillas to eat with mine. My kids are always heating them on the stove over the open flame. I don't do that for two reasons. I can't see what's happening on the bottom and I don't want to grab them with my hands to flip them. Yesterday only reaffirmed my reasoning. My first tortilla caught fire!! My son came running out to save it from the flames. It was black and blistered on one side and perfectly fine on the other. Naturally, I ate it anyway. LOL

Shrine of the Miracle Tortilla (not mine, I'm afraid)

By the way, did you know that tortillas can ROLL? Yep - I learned that when the bottom of the bag unsealed itself sending a cascade of tortillas down which then rolled across the floor. Seriously - who knew???

Anyway, for breakfast today, I had a container of my stew/goulash. I have to say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I have two more containers in the freezer, so a little went a pretty long way. Maybe next time, I'll thicken it without adding pasta and serve it over rice. We shall see.

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