Thursday, April 14, 2011

Light Lunch (Pancakes)

I got up late today and because I've eaten eggs every day this past week, I wasn't in the mood for another meal of eggs. The pantry is running low (a shopping trip is definitely in order) and I didn't want to thaw a complete package of meat just for me to eat something, so I decided that I would have pancakes. And, not just pancakes, but pancakes with dried cranberries in them. I had discovered a package of dried cranberries in the pantry a week or so ago (one of my daughter's hoped for concoctions for a meal she'd planned, I'm sure) and decided that would be the perfect solution to my meal dilemma.

I got out the 'complete' pancake mix, put it in the shaker container, added water and shook, added a touch of oil to the non-stick pan (pancakes on a dry non-stick pan just don't work for me), got the cranberries out and turned on the fire under the pan. When the pan was hot, I poured in the first amount of batter, grabbed a few cranberries and sprinkled them liberally over the already bubbling pancake in the pan. Then I flipped it, cooked side two and placed it on my paper plate. I did this two more times. Meanwhile, I was placing dots of butter on the hot pancakes already cooked so it would soften and meld into the cake before I poured the little syrup I use on the top cake only.

Once all the pancakes were plated, buttered and syruped, I took my plate to the table and sat down to enjoy the best pancakes I've had in a while. I'd made some applesauce pancakes last week, but wasn't impressed with the results. But, these were perfect. The cranberries contrasted with the other flavors perfectly. I even have batter leftover to do it again in the morning.

Which reminds me - I need to add pancake syrup to the shopping list. I'd better go do that.


In America signs of an improving economy are evident! As with any traumatic injury, economic turnaround and recovery do not happen overnight.


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  1. I absolutely love pancakes, especially on weekends! The cranberries sound like a nice touch.

  2. This post made me hungry, and now its bedtime! :)

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE pancakes. Great idea for a light lunch.

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  4. I love pancakes! Not low-carb friendly, but sometimes you just have to give in.

  5. They do have low-carb pancake mixes, although they're pricey. But, I usually use sugar-free syrup to keep things level.

  6. MMM, pancakes! From scratch, made with oatmeal, and instead of maple syrup, some of my triple berry jam. Thanks for tonight's dinner idea!

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