Saturday, April 30, 2011

Caturday and Other Thoughts

Well, the A-Z Blogging Challenge is over and I'm finding myself at a loss today for what to write about. Sure, there's always food; but I have to admit, having the alphabetic theme did give me a target to shoot for. Other than today being Saturday (aka Caturday), there was nothing coming to mind. So, I decided to sit and start writing about whatever came into my head. The first thing was to present another grouping of photos of our wonderful, purring fur-shedders.

It has been nice not having to plan for something to write today, yet I also liked the continuity of a daily (or nearly daily) post. I've catnapped several times today. I have the TV on right now to Celebrity Ghost Stories. I even got my laundry done. I'm sitting now at the dining room table with my lap top and my cat top (yes, there is a Baby Cat lying between me and the keyboard, her front legs and chest draped over my left arm while she purrs furiously). 

Last night, my daughter had a friend over and we three watched a couple of really good movies. The first was Disney's "Tangled". I'll have to research it, but it was far more in depth than the story I'd heard of Rapunzel was. I loved the horse. His expressions were priceless! 

Next, we watched "Burlesque", the movie starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. I missed some details of the very beginning about Christina's character, Ali; about where she'd been and what made her decided to leave home when she did, but I remember seeing that she was drawn to putting her whole self into song from the beginning. I've also seen "Chicago" and I have to say that "Burlesque" puts "Chicago" to shame. It is more upbeat, more uplifting, far fewer absurdities and a whole lot less confusing to watch. Of course, Cher's powerful character presence doesn't hurt. It was interesting that she didn't sing often in this movie. But, Christina was amazing! I'm no Aquilera fan, but that girl can BELT IT! If this movie doesn't take her above and beyond what I call "teeny bop pop", it'll be her that keeps it from happening. I like that the movie shows people being people (having relationships, etc.) without needing to show every single inch of skin, sweat, what have you. That events took place is obvious. But, to show them would have detracted from the story line itself. And, I love how it ended with the protagonists using the antagonist's tricks against him. What those tricks are you'll have to see for yourself. And, you won't know what they are until the end. I like that!

Anyway, to bring in the obligatory food commentary, we decided to order out, so we ordered from Dominos. Instead of pizza, we decided to order the three for $5.55 mix and match special of two pasta bowls (they had chicken Alfredo and Carbonara) and a baked sandwich (I ordered the Chicken Pineapple Habanero). I'll have them leave off the jalapenos next time, but I really enjoyed that sandwich. I would recommend it to anyone (if you don't like any heat, I'd suggest the Chicken Bacon Ranch, instead.) 

Tomorrow is May Day (May 1) and will be the beginning of two more challenges. I was only going to do the one (A-Z Weekly YCN article challenge), but I've decided to do the newest blog challenge (the reverse of April's challenge - for May, it will be Z-A in the Month of May). The A-Z challenge will get me writing again in the Associated Content area, if not some other Yahoo areas I've not yet pursued. I'll have a week to get the article written that is associated with the weekly letter of the alphabet. The daily blog challenge will force me to stay consistent with my blog, which is also a good thing. I've also been accepted as a news writer on Gather through Skywriter. No set assignment, but I already have a news item in mind. I just have to find out more about it before getting the article written and submitting it. I'm also doing two other challenges: the Thank God It's Book Blurb Friday microfiction challenge by Lisa Ricard Claro and the Succinctly Yours flash/microfiction challenge on Grandma's Goulash. Each of them is to be submitted once a week, so there is less pressure to get them done.

That's it for today, though. I may not post tomorrow in keeping with the day off aspect of the daily challenge, so here's to everyone who supported my efforts throughout April. I hope you'll stay around for the sequel.

Baby Baby Cat, summer 2010
Tiki at ease on the ottoman, last week
Tiki on my hip and Chloe at my feet, this morning


  1. Sounds like some good direction for May.


  2. Hi! Your cats are so pretty. I'm a cat lover from way back and keep bouncing around the idea of getting a cat again and just can't decide yet. Glad to hear someone talk about the 'Tangled' movie. Been wanting to see it but wasn't sure if it would live up to the previews. Congrats on making it through the blog challenge. I agree that it was a lot of fun. Hope you had a great day. :)

  3. I just love the kitties!!! I gave you a call out on my blog today!! For entering my challenge...check it out and let me know what you think of my idea?

  4. Wendy, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  5. Thank you for joining us in the A to Z Challenge and for making us hungry. You had some great looking food on your posts!

    Tossing It Out