Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dining at Midnight (sort of)

Well, actually it's just past 1AM and I haven't left yet. My friend decided to bar hopping with friends in the city, but his brother is hungry as am I, so I am about to leave and will finish this when we're back. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the episode of Storm Chasers where they actually intercept a tornado. Bah!

Home again and there was more to this than something to eat, unfortunately. But, we did go to one of several 24-hr diners in our area (Colonial Diner) where I had a delicious cup of seafood bisque and one of their pulled pork specials called "The Big Pig". YUM! Mounds of pulled pork on a Kaiser roll topped with crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and onion rings with French fries on the side. I also got a Diet Pepsi which I immediately knocked to the floor with the menu because I never even saw her bring the drinks. Scary, huh?

So, while we were eating, I get a call from my friend (my dining companion's brother) who wants to know where his brother is and can we come get him in Philly because he's had too much to drink. OMG! This is the third time in a month that he's pulled this stunt. I've told him I would never again "rescue" him because he's old enough to be responsible for his own actions. But, no, he calls me over and over again until I give the phone to his brother and then keeps calling to find out if we're done eating, etc. I finally hung up on him telling him to call his own brother since he had his phone number and to leave me alone so I could finish my meal!

His brother tells him we'll be there in 40 minutes (after telling him everything I'd already told him about where we were and what we were doing because he didn't listen the first time). We get done, I pack up the half sandwich and fries I had left and we leave the diner, getting on Rt 295 to go to Philly to pick him up.

We're just about to our exit when my phone rings yet again and he wants to know where we are. When I told him, he tells me he's already on the train from Philly to New Jersey, don't come to Philly. OMG!! WTH??? So, OK - we saved bridge tolls, but will you please stop this craziness? Before we can even get to the next exit to go to the train station, the phone rings AGAIN wanting to know where we are. He is so damned annoying when he drinks. Then a mile later, ANOTHER call wanting to know where we are. I had to holler at him to stop calling, that we were on our way and we would be there. He drives me crazy, this one. Seriously crazy - like I really need to be pushed any further in that direction.

So, at the train station, despite the fact that they are both going to the same destination, the brother drives his car home alone and I drive my friend home in his car and now I have his car at my house. Lunacy!!! What did I do to deserve this?? They say no good deed goes unpunished. What the heck did I do???

So, now I'm home, my friend is in possession of my leftover half sandwich and fries (and a single onion ring), and my cats were beside themselves at the fact that I was out at such an odd hour and only now coming home. All three of them looking out the front windows, pacing back and forth. My unusual behavior apparently got their attention big time.

I'm glad, though, that we have such diners. Big cities have pizza places and the like that are open round the clock, but the suburbs don't usually have that. But, diners in Jersey - they're a special breed. I have to admit, that's one of the things I like about being a Jersey girl.

Colonial Diner, Woodbury, NJ

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  1. The only 24 hour ANYTHING we have in our small town is a super Walmart, but I'll have to admit, that does sound like it would be interesting at 3 kitchen on the other hand, is open 27/7 if any of you are tooling through NC and get hungry in the middle of the night!