Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Insomnia = Inability to Sleep

Well, I’m again a day late and many dollars short. It is 8:15 AM and I have yet to go to sleep. My friend will be here at 10 AM to start on his class work that I promised to help him with, but he actually expects that I’ll be doing it all for him. We had, and will continue to have I’m sure, a loud and boisterous discussion on how that is not something a true friend would do to another friend.

I took chicken out of the freezer last night for tonight’s supper. I’m not sure what I’ll be making with them, especially since it’s supposed to be a hot one today. The humidity is already up and everything is sticky tacky. But, I think baking them is the easiest. I was thinking of putting some spices in sour cream and letting them marinate in that blend until I bake them. These are some of the leg quarters I bought last week for $.50/lb. We don’t usually use legs and thighs, but for that price, I wasn’t going to stick my nose up at it. I think I’ll boil the third quarter and make “creamed” chicken with it (kind of like chicken stew, but the chicken gets shredded and then the stew gets put into pastry cups). With there just being two of us, it only takes the one quarter to supply the flavor and the meat to go with the vegetables. I’m just not sure what to put with the baked quarters.

The cats are all asleep now that breakfast is over. They’re so boisterous when they think it’s time to eat; running around, getting into trouble, coming up and poking and prodding at you while you’re trying to get some kind of sleep. It’s like having a house full of furry, four-legged toddlers.

Since I forgot Caturday on Saturday, I’ll post some photos of them today.

Chloe in the kitchen

Baby Cat watching the outside world go by

Tiki's favorite perch


  1. Caturday? Cute. At our house everyday is dogday.


  2. It is currently 4:05 am...I feel your pain.