Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Phone, Nice Lunch and Prescription ReNewals

Had a doctor's appointment this morning. My first in almost three years. I was long past due. My prescriptions had run out and she needed to see me before renewing them. I have Type 2 Diabetes and haven't been as good to myself as I should have been, although I'm much better than I used to be. Lifelong bad habits don't change overnight. They did a blood sugar while I was there and it was 267. Of course, I had an overfilled cream donut for breakfast, so that didn't help. (What can I say - I was hungry when I drove by the bakery. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway.) I was happy to see her, though. I really do need to go more often. I just kept putting it off because I don't have insurance and I didn't want to do the paperwork I needed to go for free. But, this time I did and I'm glad. I need to start caring for myself better than I have. 

I can't do a blood sugar test on myself because I haven't found my meter since moving, so the doctor is going to give me one once I find out the cheapest test strips offered by Walmart. She'll match the meter to the strips. They're 
Different kinds of glucose meters
very pricey, I have to say. I got most of what I had used previously either through eBay or through Freecycle. Since the charity program run by the hospital doesn't include testing strips or prescriptions, I'll have to pay for them myself. Still, the overall cost will be less than out of pocket, for which I am grateful. I get my prescriptions at a local grocery pharmacy that offers FREE diabetes meds and antibiotics and virtually matches Walmart's $4/$10 program. So, a quarter of my prescriptions will be free. I really can't complain.

Yeah, I got the blue.
My daughter called me as I was leaving the doctor's office (the desk clerk loved the song I had on as a ringtone - I'm Here For The Party) to tell me that the phone I could get for my line upgrade was now on special. I should stop at the Sprint store or Radio Shack and get one while they were waiving the $10 monthly premium data add-on to encourage customers to take advantage of the eco-friendly phones Sprint was offering. The Sprint Replenish, an Android model, is made of 34.6% post-consumer recycled plastics with fully-recyclable packaging. The keyboard is larger than the one on my old phone, so there will be fewer keying errors because of my fat fingers (I hope). I have to get used to it, though. It constantly locks the screen and I have to swipe the icon to the side to unlock it. I need to see if I can disable that. So far, what little I've used it, I like it.

As for the food part of today's message, we were supposed to go for breakfast before going to the doctor. We didn't. He didn't get up until just before I needed to leave for the doctor. So, we went to lunch instead. Considering I had eaten the worst possible food for breakfast and had elevated blood sugar, I decided I would be good to myself at lunch. We went to Don Pablo's where I got their $5.99 Speedy Lunch special. I had a choice of enchiladas, tacos and tamales. I chose two different enchiladas (with corn tortillas) and black beans with my rice. I also had a cup of white chicken chili soup. Plus the chips and salsa and a diet Coke. All fairly low carb (the carbs were complex, whole grain carbs). 

Although we had at least one heavy downpour while we were out, it was a fairly productive day. I got the dishes washed (thank God for dishwashers that can do the work while you're away) and didn't have that waiting on me to start when I got home. I even got some genealogy in this morning before I left!  I'm satisfied with my day.

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  1. All in all, though, it seems like you lucked out! I, too, do all my prescriptions through the Wal-Mart-type service. It makes having them so much easier and affordable. I don't get the free, but they price match. It makes all the difference!