Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guillermo’s Fine Italian Cuisine & Guillermo’s on Broadway

Let me introduce you to Guillermo’s restaurant, now open in two locations in Gloucester County, NJ. The first location is situated on the corner of Salina Road and Egg Harbor Rd in Washington Township. They are situated in a small strip mall in one of the fastest growing communities in South Jersey. But, don’t let the strip mall image stop you from trying them.

This is not some pizza joint with hoagies and steak sandwiches. This is a full-blown Italian restaurant that serves top quality Italian dishes such as Salmon Diavolo, Lobster Ravioli in a spinach alfredo sauce, Chicken or Veal Scallopine, a divine sounding Chicken Harrington consisting of sautéed chicken breasts, scallops and fresh asparagus in a light garlic cream sauce over capellini, and the usual pasta dishes served with marinara sauce, meatballs, sausage, Aurora sauce, Alfredo sauce or Carbonara style.

We have eaten at Guillermo’s many times and have never had a bad meal. We usually go for their prix fixe Sunset Menu. All meals on this more limited menu are $12.95 and include soup, salad, garlic bread, entrée and a beverage. Although they don’t serve alcohol, they do allow you to bring your own. If you forget the bottle, there is a liquor store conveniently located a few doors down.

The ambiance of Guillermo’s is definitely upscale without any hint of haughtiness. It’s not a dive, yet you do not have to dress to the nines to dine here. The service has always been fast and attentive. Dishes can be tailored to your tastes (if you don’t like mushrooms, they can be left out of your order). That’s something most restaurants can’t offer.

They recently opened a second location in the small town of Pitman on South Broadway called Guillermo’s on Broadway. They are located directly next to the rescued and refurbished movie theater. The same menus are offered in Pitman as are offered in Washington Township and, despite Pitman being a dry town (no alcohol sales at all), BYOB is permitted. Dinner and a show side by side - who needs dinner theater!!

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