Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Packaged Yellow Rice - The Affordable Alternative

Iraqi Biryani (zaid khsro on Wikimedia Commons)
Have you ever decided to make something only to hesitate because it called for saffron or yellow rice? I'm telling you now, don't!! Although not all yellow rice is saffron rice, there are saffron yellow rices on the market that you can buy without needing to take out a loan.

Mahatma brands sells a saffron yellow rice. Have you ever noticed those small packets of rice wrapped in plastic wrap (you know the kind I mean - it crinkles when you pick it up; not soft like the kinds of bags dried beans are in.) If it's Mahatma brand, then you have your saffron rice. If it's not, then they probably used turmeric for the coloring, but you can still use it in those recipes.
A package of Mahatma saffron yellow rice (from  MahatmaRice.com)
I've bought yellow rice before in those packs. I remember paying something on the lines of $.69 for one pack, but I'm sure they're a bit more now. The last time I saw one, they were still under $1.00. Seriously, you can't beat the price.

Image from Goya.com
Of course, if you're a die-hard OCD perfectionistic kind of chef, my suggestion isn't for you. But, if you're an every day person with every day needs and every day budget struggles, then you'll appreciate knowing that you can make that desired recipe and your family will be just as satisfied. Really - will you use it 

often enough to warrant paying $10 for a half-gram bottle? It's true that a little goes a long way, but what if your family doesn't like what you just made? Heck, you just saved $9!!

Now, here are a few recipes, some using Goya (another brand offering yellow rice as is Zatarain), you can try using those wonderful little packets of yellow rice:

Easy Chicken and Rice (don't be afraid to add additional seasonings to your tastes)

Chicken and Seafood Paella (not comfortable with mussels? Use scallops or shrimp.)

Smoked Sausage and Yellow Rice (if you like sausage and peppers or kielbasa, you'll probably like this)

Puerto Rican Beans and Rice (replace the saffron and white rice with a pack of yellow rice in this one)

Don't let these recipes limit your choices. Yellow rice is found throughout the world's food cultures. Think Caribbean or Barbecue.  Think Indonesian, Indian or Cinco De Mayo!!! This rice would work with pork, with beef, with seafood and is perfect in pilaf. Enjoy your food adventures!


  1. I've never made yellow rice. Mixing brown rice with white is about as sophisticated as I get in the rice department.

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  2. I don't know what it is about rice that creeps me, but I pretty much avoid the stuff. *shivers*

    I’m blogging my way back from Z to A and my “Y” post is right here.

  3. Good post. I love the Mahatma rice you wrote about. It's really good at a fraction of the cost! I've never tried the Goya yellow rice...actually haven't even seen it. I imagine it's good though, because all the Goya products I've tried have been excellent. :)

  4. I love rice. Always have. I seem to have gotten my family to eat brown rice at last after being white rice fans for years. It's supposed to be much healthier with that extra fibre.

    Interesting to read about yellow rice. Not sure how it compares here in Canada but I'll have to check it out. You've got me intrigued about it.

    My eyes bulged out when I saw that a bag of basmati rice in Walmart recently that was 11.00 compared to 5.00 for the brown rice. Yikes! I like basmati rice but not that much!

  5. Don't think I've ever made yellow rice but I'm getting ready to try to make something for Cinco de Mayo and this is good to know info. Thanks!

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  6. I used to eat the Goya yellow rice all the time! I love it.

  7. Never tried yellow rice. I only use whole grain starches...bread, rice, pastas. You know the saying...The whiter the bread, the sooner your dead!