Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thinking of Creamed Chicken Again

Back in March, I posted about the Creamed Chicken that my mother used to make and that I was attempting to reproduce it for dinner. It turned out great. I'm thinking of making it again with a single chicken leg quarter. There's enough skin and fat on that one piece to provide loads of flavor in the broth, but I'm not sure there's enough meat. I'd have to make a much smaller batch.

I also do not make pie crust. Period. It isn't that I haven't tried. It's that what I end up with really can't be called pie crust. It's more like short bread because it crumbles into powder so readily. My mother was the baker, not me. I can make a decent cake if I'm using a tube pan or cupcake papers, but forget anything with layers. So, making the pie crust shells for the creamed chicken just isn't going to happen.

What I'm thinking of doing is opening the crescent rolls I have in the fridge and putting them in the cup cake pan, each one making a 3-cornered "cup". So, it won't hold the filling - I'd end up breaking the crust shell into pieces anyway. I just haven't decided.

No matter what I end up doing, I'm going to cook that leg quarter so I don't lose it. I can decide what to do with the finished product later. 

The Creamed Chicken I made in March

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  1. I haven't had creamed chicken since I was a kid. My favorite chicken dish back then was chicken and dumplings, a treat that my favorite aunt made for me every time we visited her house.