Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Backwards and Blouses

I'm scheduled to work today through Wednesday. I was sure my schedule was 9-5 for three days. I got myself up, washed, dressed, and left for work - late, unfortunately because I couldn't find the keys right away. My daughter had put them in her purse and neither of us remembered that. So, being the diligent person I try to be (I'm not always successful), I called the office when I was two miles away to let them know I was on my way. 

When I was about a mile away, the office called me back to tell me I wasn't scheduled 9-5. What? That can't be, I have the schedule here in the car with me. So, I pulled over to check. 

OMG! I had read 5-9 as 9-5!!! When did I become dyslexic??? I mean, I just got new glasses last week! I then realized being backwards was the perfect B Day topic.

How do blouses fit into this? Well, I just got the mail and there on the porch was a box addressed to me. In it were two really nice blouses that my friend in Virginia had seen and thought of me by buying and mailing them to me. So, I started the day out feeling like a complete idiot, but was able to be here when something really nice happened. Kismet? Who knows, but it gave me another B to talk about!! LOL

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