Sunday, April 15, 2012

M is for Must Find a Job

Well, Sunday was my last day of work for this tax season. Even though there are two more days left for filers, I wasn't scheduled for either one. I now have to get started finding work to continue on through the year. I have an appointment scheduled with a temp agency tomorrow, but I'm going to have to change it because I was unable to get the testing done with our internet being down.

Money is another M word that is important here - the reason for the need to find a job. With two of us out of work and already being behind on rent, it is an absolute necessity to find a paying job so we don't lose our home. 

Monday, the next M word, is when I'll be going to get the money I offered to share with my daughter so she can get her engine fixed in her car. It's all I have, but we need a vehicle desperately. With hers having blown a rod when she was only one payment away from paying it off and only a couple of weeks after she lost her job, it has made for a very frustrating and depressing time for her. She's always been someone for whom things work out. Although I know they will work out eventually, she's not used to not having something come through right away for her. She's never been on unemployment before, so it's an entirely new scene for her.

Anyway, this is another foodless post as I play A to Z Challenge catch up by using my friend's computer. We're hoping for some kind of normalcy to return to our lives this next week. Otherwise, it might just get pretty hairy in the near future. 


  1. Fingers crossed and prayers sent up. It's a very tough job market here in Michigan and I am guessing pretty much all over.
    You go get 'em girl. ♥