Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eggs

My daughter and I went to Golden Corral on Saturday for their breakfast buffet. I've been wanting to go for a while and we were right behind them at America's Best Eyewear for Deb's appointment. 

Scrambled Eggs
The only way I will eat eggs is scrambled (I count quiche as a type of scrambled), but I especially love how eggs taste when they're made in mass quantities like they are at Golden Corral and other breakfast buffets. I don't know what it is about them - maybe because they cook them moist to allow them to sit on the buffet longer. I don't like dried out eggs or even ones that are overly browned. But, when they're shiny and wet (not raw), I'm totally all about them. 

SOS - I can eat it like this, too.
They also had cream dried beef (SOS) on the buffet table. I just love that stuff! They also had hash browns, so that's what I put my gravy on. I'll eat it on toast, but I'd rather have it on potatoes. And, Golden Corral has Texas toast, which isn't my favorite. But, their biscuits were surprisingly good - tender and flaky. Oh, and a tray stacked full of super crispy bacon. Wow, we'd been craving bacon all week. Deb wants to participate in a bacon eating contest if she can find one. We both enjoyed bacon. And, they had grits! Happy days!!

Fried eggs - a lot like home.
My kids like fried eggs. They got that from their dad because I won't touch the things. I know how to cook them, but I will never eat them. Deb likes hers over medium, which in our area means the whites are set, but the yolks are mostly runny. When she's in Utah, she orders over easy, which means she'll get them the same way. Funny how cooking terms mean different things regionally.

But, I do like scrambled eggs - I just wish I could make them at home like those in the steam pan at Golden Corral. Then I could make myself some egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches on toast. (Oops - I think I'm getting hungry. I'd better go to sleep before I decide to cook.)


  1. I like eggs, just so the whites are fully cooked. Slimy egg whites are just so nasty. And bacon? Mmmmm, bacon. ;O)

    I've never been a fan of buffets, but I'd eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

  2. I love food - cooking, eating, reading books and watching shows. But...I don't like eggs :(

  3. you are making me awfully hungry---i prefer my eggs well done almost dry-- i find my eggs turn out much fluffier if i add cold water or milk!

  4. Good job, now I'm craving eggs! That's a compliment, btw.

    I prefer to scramble my eggs, first at room temperature. They have much more flavor. Second, taking my room temperature eggs cracked in a bowl, I add a tablespoon per each 3 eggs of cold milk. Stir briskly to add air to your mixture. Pour into a skillet with 2 tablespoons of melted butter that is just beginning to sizzle, not browning. Stir constantly until the eggs are just set. Get them out of the pan immediately to stop the cooking process. Perfect every time. Light, fluffy and very moist.

    I also add cheese just at the end, cuz I cheese almost everything I eat!

  5. I love eggs too!! Love them boiled, fried, over easy, and just recently I have been perfecting my omelette.


  6. Love fried eggs with crispy edges like in your picture; remember my mom making them in an iron skillet. Mine don't come out the same, alas.

    I also like scrambled - to which I add either cheese, a la Jo, above, or ketchup.

    I pretty much like eggs every way but fertilized - one can apparently get 'em that way, but that's gross, IMO. Thanks for a fun post.

  7. I love eggs. Easy over is the best!

    Catch My Words

  8. Eggs! I love eggs! My family loves eggs too! My little son, David, who is 8 yrs. old is so cute. I will put a hard boiled egg in his lunch in a tiny tupperware container...and guess what comes back home in the container? The little hard ball of yellow yolk! lol

  9. Since you love eggs, you might like this great collection of "eggy" recipes. Food on Friday Eggs