Thursday, April 26, 2012

Working on Keeping Up

Well, hello. As you can see, I'm almost late with this post. Today is "W", right? Considering I thought it was Friday this morning when it's actually Thursday, I could be totally wrong (another W word).

I fell behind while I was beginning the healing process of the abscessed tooth that sent me to the ER in severe pain. Now I'm catching up. So, please bear with me while I stumble forward seemingly aimlessly.

My daughter and I just got home from going out to eat. I was supposed to go out to eat with Tom's brother, but when he learned I was bringing my daughter, he left us and went home. *sigh* He is such a puss. (I'm being kind.) So, we went took ourselves out to eat.

We first went to La Esperanza Mexican restaurant in Gibbsboro, but they had already closed, so we headed north to Mount Laurel to go to On The Border, a chain restaurant owned by the same people who own Macaroni Grill. 

On The Border Grill & Cantina in Novi, Michigan
Deb hadn't been there before and it had been several years since I was there, but I do like them. She got a beef chimichanga with beans and rice and I got a combo meal with a chile relleno and a carnitas (pulled pork) enchilada, also with beans and rice. She barely ate half of her chimichanga and I only ate the enchilada. We brought the rest home. But, neither of us could eat the salsa they served with the chips. OMG, it was so hot that our tongues were on fire!!! The kind of hot that hits long before any flavor does. Not pleasant. So, I guess I won't be enjoying their salsa in the future unless they have a milder version one can request. Even with sour cream added, that salsa was powerful enough to strip paint off your bureau!! Since I wanted the chance to enjoy my food, I stopped trying to eat it and finished off an entire glass of iced tea in order to get my tongue back to normal. 

Anyway, we both enjoyed our meals and plan to enjoy our leftovers tomorrow. Both meals were under $10, so it's not bad when you have enough food to get two meals.

That's about it for today. I'll try to post tomorrow's "X" earlier than I did this. I also owe several reads of others' posts. I'll get there, I promise.


  1. congrats for getting it in under the wire! Now I can go to bed. I KNEW someone was missing!:))

  2. That picture is less than an hour from our house. I have not been there, but I have seen them along my way. Now I have a reason to stop in! ♥

    1. Amazing!! I got it from Wikimedia Commons. They are very good and have a build-your-own combo option for $7.99. The prices really aren't bad at all.

  3. Sorry to hear about your abscess! I hate those...glad you are feeling better. I love hot hot food, probably a product of growing up in New Mexico! Green chili is king and queen!
    --Mike Adams

    1. Love Chile Verde with pork. My sister-in-law made some amazing Chile Verde. My mother-in-law made it with ground beef and I'll do that occasionally - very low key, more of a hamburger gravy with Anaheim chiles added. She'd blister and peel hers. I use the can. :-(