Sunday, April 15, 2012

K is for Killing Time at Work

Well, here I am sitting at my desk waiting for the tax procrastinators to show up for us to do their taxes. My coworker actually gave me this idea because I was bemoaning that I can't get online at home and finish this challenge. She said, then do it here!! WOW! I actually never considered it - I was showing her my blogs because she didn't know what a blog was (she's 30 - who'd have guessed??) when the subject came up. Thought I'd give it a try because I wasn't considering it before.

Hopefully, I won't get into trouble because I'm not trying to make money using my employer's assets and I'm not taking anything out of the office that doesn't belong to me. I'm not doing anything to knowingly to hurt the business in any way, although there are differences of opinion about the mere use of the Internet while at work. For the most part, though, I'm aware of which sites are safe and which aren't and I don't plan to expose this or any other computer to a malware site.

Anyway, I do have my K-Day post written. I might try doing L in a little while. As far as food is concerned, though, it doesn't look like this one will have much food topic in it. Other than I might go to the pizza place and grab something to eat. ;-)


  1. Hey, as long as your employer doesn't block sites, why not? It's not like you aren't completing your work, right? And who would have guessed that someone of 30 had never heard of a blog?

  2. funny how we'll do anything to keep up with this challenge. i didn't know I was so driven!