Sunday, April 15, 2012

L is for Longing for Internet Access

I am addicted to the Internet. Right  now, I don't have any. I hate it!!! Even though our bill is paid, Comcast has shut off our phone and Internet while still allowing us to view television. We've called, but sitting on the phone for over an hour and a half without anyone ever picking up is almost not worth the effort - besides draining the cell phone battery.

Another L would be how much I LOVE the access to information the Internet gives. I can find answers to virtually any question at any time as long as I can get online. Yeah, I have a "smart phone", but there are things for which it is barely usable, such as this blog. I cannot play Facebook games on my cell phone because my "device isn't compatible" - despite the fact that it is supposed to be. 

L is also for the Limited satisfaction I do get from my cell phone because I can check email and post statuses on Facebook, check Twitter if I'm of a mind to or take photos and upload them to Facebook to show off whatever it is I want to share.

But, right now, LONGING is the strongest L I'm facing. I'm at a friend's house at the moment and stealing just a bit of time to post this entry. Earlier, I posted my K from work. That was something I could only do once.

How important is the Internet to you? Is it just for games and such, or do you also love all the other benefits such as shopping, blogging, making travel plans and the myriad of other services available?

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  1. I use my puter for everything it will do and the internet is needed for all of it. I miss it terribly when it's down. Seldom happens, thank goodness.
    Hope you get things up and running soon. ♥