Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Diner!

Angelo's Diner in Glassboro, NJ
Diners are among the most popular eating destinations in New Jersey (as well as around Philadelphia). From breakfast to dinner to homemade desserts and handmade shakes, diners offer a variety of choices unmatched by any specialty restaurant. They even offer night owls sustenance during cram sessions, after late nights out on the town, when the shift is done or after the bar closes. Diners are a commercialized "Mom's kitchen".

The 24-hr Club Diner in Bellmawr, NJ
Admittedly, there aren't quite as many round the clock diners as there used to be, but nostalgia is causing new ones to pop up where they weren't before. And, they are being styled in a glitzier version of the original. Shiny steel exteriors and neon lights harken back to their origins, but many have added bars and dance floors to steer the former bar crowds their way.

Phily Diner in Runnemede, NJ
Those of us who grew up with diners have learned over time which foods are best not ordered in a diner. Hoagies are popular in our area of New Jersey because of our proximity to Philadelphia, but diners just can't pull them off the way a hoagie shop can. However, because of increasing Greek ownership, the quality and variety of dinner options is amazing. And, breakfast all day long can't be beat! As my daughter says, it's hard to ruin bacon and eggs.

My favorite local diner
An example of portions. Eggplant Parm.
The Black Horse Diner, Mt. Ephraim, NJ


  1. im hungry now :) great blog...diners are the best!!

  2. Fun post! :) I love little ma and pa type diners. :)

  3. I LOVE diners :) Of course, getting to meet Guy from DDD was even more awesome :)

    1. OK, I'm jealous!!! Where were you when he was there? Love that show!