Friday, July 19, 2013

Early Morning Wawa Run

I woke up around this morning and was wide awake. After my potty run, I knocked on Deb's door to ask for the car keys. She wanted to know why and I said I wanted to go to Wawa and get breakfast. She also wanted a coffee and asked if I would get gas in the car for when she left for work later. No problem.

I left home, stopped at the gas station and got her gas. Then went to Wawa up on Market. My brain just didn't work this morning. She had asked me for an English Toffee cappuccino, but I couldn't find it on the touch screen when I was ordering food. Turns out it was a separate machine next to the soda fountain. So, I had to re-enter my order (breakfast burrito and a sugar-free vanilla latte). I went to get her coffee, grabbed a cup and started filling it when I realized I had used a cold drink cup instead of a hot drink cup. Plus, I overflowed the foam. Ugh!! One of the ladies came out to help me clean up my mess and we stuck the clear plastic cup inside of the paper hot cup. Once I got that taken care of, I went back to the ATM and withdrew money to pay rent and then went to the front to pay for everything (you have to pay for your food first - too many people were taking the food and leaving without paying). Of course, I forgot the coffee that I'd gotten for my daughter - it was sitting back by the ATM machine. The lady who'd helped me clean it up was also checking me out. She is the one who noticed I didn't have it. OK, so there was my third strike of the morning. My brain just wasn't working at all!!

Finally got everything paid for, my breakfast burrito was waiting for me on the counter as was my latte. I put the burrito in the bag with my apple fritter and took it with both drinks out to the car. 

Then I swung by the landlords' house to drop off the rent money and came back home. I left Deb's coffee in the car because I knew she'd drink it on her way to work. She left about 10 minutes after I got home. I enjoyed the burrito, but I think I'll stick with their bowl of eggs from now on. I love their eggs!!

I also stopped at the gas station on the way to Wawa to put gas in Deb's car so she could get to work. 

Photo from Wikimedia Commons, but the store I was at is IDENTICAL to the one in the photo.

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