Friday, July 5, 2013

Shopping at Target

I haven't shopped at Target in years. They just don't have things I really like all that much - especially with regard to my size (plus), but I recently needed cat food and stopped there with my friend after we had dinner at a local steakhouse. He went to check out the cat food and I walked back to my size department and found nothing but overpriced clothes I'd never wear. 

I then walked over to the infants' section and found a really cute shirt and short set that on the clearance rack that I bought for my new grandson, Alex, who was born in January. I didn't have any income at the time, so I wasn't able to buy him anything to welcome him into the world. He'll get a belated birthday gift now. My oldest grandson will be 13 this month, so I found some nice shirts on sale. One is labeled by a well-known skateboarder and I know he'll like it. He goes skateboarding with his dad all the time. I found another couple of shirts on clearance in colors I've seen him wear, so I got them, too. I picked up one T-shirt for my third grandson, Kobe, whose birthday isn't until September (he'll be 11) that makes you think of the Philadelphia Eagles. Both boys love football!

I had already sent their sister, Taylor, her birthday gift after she turned 9 in February. I was able to find a really great Father's Day card, too, for my son. So, I hurried and got all of this wrapped and sent out to Utah in time for Dallan's birthday. It was nice to be on time just once! LOL

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