Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Foods that Trigger Old Memories

What do chocolate chip cookies bring to mind for you? Baking with Mom or Dad or Grandma? Snacking after school?

For me, I remember "running away" from home through the orchard to the chicken farm where Mrs. Hurff almost ALWAYS had chocolate chip cookies and milk on hand in her big farm kitchen. While I was noshing away at this delicious treat, Lil would be on the phone calling my mother to make sure she knew where I'd disappeared to. You see, although my mother loved to bake, cookies weren't ever on her baking list. She'd make pies and cakes and apple dumplings, but not cookies. And, I'd never drink milk at home, but in Mrs. Hurff's kitchen, there was just something special about all of it. 

Do you have a chocolate chip cookie memory? Or some other similar memory that a particular food brings back?

Photo Credit - Comstock photos

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